Sunday, 11 March 2018


   They say that swaddling a baby is the best way to get them to sleep when they are a newborn. Swaddling a babies arms in will keep them from getting startled and waking themselves up. The nurses will swaddle baby super tight in the hospital..and you will never be able to get baby swaddled that well ever again or at least that was the case with me. My girl however...was an escape artist from day 1.
Addison is about 6 hours old in this photo

   When we got home from the hospital we tried, I swear we did and we could not manage to swaddle Addison for more than a few minutes with a blanket. As a baby shower gift I got a Swaddleme Original this was great....however the size was S/M and was much to big for her at first. We also tried the Gerber Baby and that one was also too big and just way to easy to escape from (However I did really like that the bottom opened for diaper changes. At that time our local stores didn't have anything smaller. Thankfully at first Addison slept just fine not swaddled.

   When Addison was about 2 months old we transitioned her to her crib as she was getting too tall for her bassinet. When we put her in the crib is when I noticed that she wasn't sleeping as well so out of pure exhaustion as a last ditch effort we tried the Swaddleme Original again.  Although the swaddle was now almost too small she went right to sleep and slept right through to the morning, and woke up in a great mood.

Seriously how can you not smile when you see her smile!!

   As Addison got bigger I only have 1 swaddle that was a size M/L that fit, and we were going through one of those stages that she would pee through her diaper, pjs, swaddle and bed sheet every other night and we were going for an overnight at my in-laws (I am didn't want to have to bug them and have to use there washing machine) So I went to Babies r' Us and found the Summer Infant Swaddleme Wrapsack this thing is amazing it has wings to swaddle arms in or out. Since Addison was starting to try to roll I figured this was a great idea so I can still use it once shes rolling (You shouldn't swaddle a baby that can roll because without use of there hands they may suffocate in the mattress) 
   The Wrap Sack is awesome and Addison loves it it has an 'escape hatch' on the bottom for east diaper changes and is much wider on the bottom then the original swaddle so she can kick around more.A few weeks after buying this I also received a few hand me down Halo Sleep Sacks from my sister in law they are the same idea with the wings to swaddle arms in or out.

Arms in, Arms out, ans something in the middle
   Now that Addison is used to sleeping with her arms out I have a small collection of 'Wearable Blankets' The Swaddleme Wrap sack is still my favorite, because I feel like the wings hug her and keep her asleep longer. I do love that the Halo has one that is fleece, as I live in an old condo and even though the windows in Addison's room are stuck closed they still leak on windy winter nights.

Sorry I'm such a creeper mom, but I LOVE sleeping babies!!

My Collection and what I do and don't like about them (no judging why I have so many I received a lot of them as hand me downs

Didn't like
I have….
Summer Infant Swaddle Me Original
S/M & M/L
-Velcro is super strong
-My escape artist was mostly contained
-Super easy to use
-The smallest size was too big as a newborn
-The Velcro sometimes opened and caught other items in the wash
-I had to fully remove baby for diaper changes

Gerber Baby Swaddle
-It had a Velcro opening at the bottom for diaper changes
-Super confusing to figure out how to use
-Velcro wasn’t very strong
-Baby escaped in seconds
-Overall design sucked
-Velcro stuck to everything in the wash
Summer Infant Swaddle Me Wearable Blanket***
-Two way zipper for easy diaper changes
-Covered zipper so it didn’t scratch her face
-Slightly thinker fabric is not too warm not too cold

Halo Sleep Sack Swaddle
Small & Large
-Velcro wings were super strong
-More fabric choices (fleece, cotton, organic cotton)
-When swaddles arms out the wings hug baby
- Zipper for easy diaper changes -Arms in or out options
-No escape hatch
-No cover at the neck for the zipper end
Summer Infant Swaddle Me
Sleep Sack
-Velcro wings were super strong
-When swaddles arms out the wings hug baby
-Arms in or out options
-Zipper escape hatch on the bottom for diaper changes
- The shoulder clips are a bit more difficult to get baby in
Halo Sleep Sack
-More fabric choices (fleece, cotton, organic cotton)
- Zipper for easy diaper changes

Disney Baby
-WINNIE THE POOH!!!(what else really needs to be said?)
- Zipper for easy diaper changes
-Has vents on the side at the bottom so baby won't overheat
 -No cover at the neck for the zipper end
***No longer made
   Please comment I would love to hear what swaddle or blanket you liked the most? Also what would you like me to write about next? 

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Babyfeeding in Public

   Babies are little people, they have tiny little tummy's and when they get hungry they turn into baby hulk until you feed them. Plain and simple. One of the first times I went out with my Daughter and she got hungry and I didn't feed her that very second she reminded of what I can only describe as 'Hangry' (Hungry and Angry).

  The problem with breastfeeding is unless you are comfortable doing it in public you don't get many options alot of the time. Some stores like Babies r' us have great breast feeding rooms for feeding and diaper changes but they only have 1 and sometimes breastfeeding takes some time. Most malls now have a nursing room but most are a room that you have to get security to let you in and its just a room with a couch and MAYBE a sink and diaper change station (so still no privacy). The fact that these rooms exists are great and show how far we have come since the 90's in terms of breastfeeding mommy's. (Some malls like Vaughan Mills have almost single change rooms with a comfy chair so you can have some privacy I liked those)

   Alot of places do not have any accommodations for breast feeding moms. I remember my husband was getting a new car and I ended up having to feed our daughter in a rather skuzzy washroom standing up (They also didn't have a changing table so had to do that on the floor...) and in one of the model cars.

   Excuse my language here but I was never totally confident in my body and really didn't want my boobs on display even though I know the other moms were not judging me. I just felt like they were all watching me (sure maybe i'm paranoid). When I had Addison my mom bought me a nursing cover online from (I think you can also buy them at babies r' us) This thing is seriously genius. it is like an apron that goes over my head and covers baby and my chest. It also has a metal piece in the neck so I can watch my baby but no one else can see. My sister had one also I could not recommend this more!!
I have this one!!

   Using this cover I felt confident enough to use these open nursing rooms, in front of guests, in waiting rooms, in my car in a parking lot (I do not have tinted windows and this happened many times), Heck I even breast fed in a busy mall food court!!

  Now that my daughter is on formula things are a little easier. When I go out I pack a bottle with pre-measured pre-boiled water and a baby formula dispenser that is filled with pre-measured formula powder (pictured below). I find this method a bit easier honestly. I still end up feeding her in the car from time to time but I've also fed her in the cereal isle at Costco, food courts, Shoe stores and you get the point.
Image result for Formula Dispenser Combo Pack
I have this one I got it off its inexpensive and works great. 


   There is a ton of very strong feelings about breast feeding these days. When I got pregnant my husband and I agreed that I wanted to breast feed our daughter. Right away we didn't have to many problems getting Addison to latch, my biggest problem was at first I was creating too much milk and I was leaking like crazy, had to pump multiple times a day, change my bra and shirt most days because they got wet, and  I was pretty much always exhausted.

    When Addison was about a week old our doctor sent us back to the Hospital as Addison was borderline Jaundice. Please comment below if would like me to go more into detail on our Jaundice treatment. But not going into too much detail on that Addison and I had to spend another night in the hospital. As a newborn Addison needed to be fed every 2-3 hours. At home we were not consistant about this timing. Going by my family doctors recommendation we fed her when she was hungry not waking her to feed. However at the hospital every 2 hours on the dot a nurse would come into the room, wake me up and say its time to feed the baby. I found this super stressful and was unable to produce enough milk*. (I was making enough milk to satisfy Addison but the nurses were telling me she wasn't eating enough and not gaining enough weight fast enough) The nurses told me I had to supplement with baby formula. However after leaving the hospital we did not continue to supplement as my family doctor said Addison is gaining weight just fine.

   We continued to breast feed Addison when she would give us signs she was hungry. Because I was pumping my husband would sometimes feed her by bottle to allow me to have a bit of a break or sleep in. We had no problem switching between breast and bottle (I will write a bit on our adventures in bottles) 

   When Addison was a four months I noticed that my breast milk supply was slowing down. I would feed her and even after being on both boobs she would still show signs of being hungry, I was not longer leaking at all or even feeling full. I started trying to pump every 2 hours, I tried a tea that claimed to help with milk supply, Changed my diet a bit, but none of this worked. Eventually I would only breastfeed first thing in the morning and then formula fed for the rest of the day.

  Currently at 5 months old we have started on foods (More on that in another post) and we are no longer breast feeding what so ever and are using formula for all bottles.

   When I stopped producing milk I felt like I was failing as a mother...With all of the hardcore moms saying 'breast is best' I started feeling really down on myself. But then when I went to my doctor about it she said 'Fed is best' and that really did make me feel better. When I told my parents they said same thing happened to my mom and I was formula fed from 3 months. I am telling this story because there is too much stigma about  mothers that don't breastfeed. Ladies please stop judging other moms you don;t know whats going on with them. As long as baby is happy and fed then tell them they are doing Awesome :)

Monday, 19 February 2018

The Pacifier

I find that there are a lot of debates going around about the use of pacifiers. Some people are 100% against them saying they will cause tooth issues, some people say they wont cause tooth issues unless baby is using it all the time, some say they are fine as long as you use an orthodontic pacifier and then there is the whole issue of your child becoming addicted to the pacifier and becoming overly relent on it.

Soo many opinions from so many so called experts. At first my husband and I decided against using a pacifier with Addison. We figured if she was never given a pacifier she would never miss it. We received a few pacifiers while I was pregnant from  from attending baby shows and opening our baby registry as well as baby gifts.

After a few weeks...being first time parents with a newborn...we caved and tried some of the pacifiers anything to get baby to be quiet and sleep at that point. Thankfully Addison was receptive to the pacifier and it calmed her and she spit it right out as soon as she was calm again. Now at 4 months old we have tried a few different pacifiers here's what we like..

Philips Avent Classic 
Received a free set from the Babytime show, but have since purchased another set.
  • So far defiantly Addison's Favorite
  • Cute designs and colours
  • I like the handle
  • Comes with a cover so its great to throw in the diaper bag and I don't have to worry too much about it getting dirty 
  • Orthodontic and BPA Free
  • Sold pretty much everywhere
  • Its my dogs favorite too and he keeps trying to steal it when Addison spits it out
  • Condensation gathers in the nipple when sterilizing

Chicco NaturalFit
Received as part of a baby registry gift
  • Orthodontic
  • Single piece construction  (no small parts that can break off)
  • The nipple is hallow so I can see how well the suction was 
  • Addison only accepted it a few times but mostly just spat it out right away
  • Difficult to find in store mostly only available for online purchase
  • No case to put it in so it was constantly needing to be cleaned

MAM Ultra Soft
Image result for mam pacifier
Received One as part of a baby registry gift and received a 2 pack as a baby gift
  • Cute patterns and colours
  • Came in a case that can be used to sterelize
  • BPA Free
  • Addison sometimes accepts this one
  • Sold pretty much everywhere

    • Addison does not consistently accept it but likes it better when daddy gives it to her
    • When she sucks to hard on it it leaves little marks on her face
    • I cant attack it to a leash because it has no handle

    Hipster Kid Mustache Pacifier-The Gentleman 
    The Gentleman Mustache Pacifier - Black
    Received as a baby gift from my silly uncle
    • Addison likes this one
    • Its comes with a cover so I leave it in the diaper bag in case we need it
    • Orthodontic and BPA Free
    • It is absolutely hilarious seeing my daughter with a mustache
    • People give you VERY dirty looks when they see babies with this pacifier
    • Condensation collects in the nipple when sterelized
    • You cant clean under the mustache so dirt might collect there

    Nuk Orthodontic Pacifier

    Purchased because she loves her Nuk bottles
    • Cute patterns and Colours
    • Easy to clean
    • Orthodontic and BPA free
    • Addison will accept it
    • Nipple is shaped more like mothers nipple
    • Sold mostly everywhere
    • Addison wont always accept it
    • No cover so the nipple needs to be cleaned often

    Philips Avent Soothie

    Purchased to use while teething
    • I can put water in the hallow nipple and freeze it for teething relief
    • Most popular pacifier
    • Cute colours and mine are shaped like teddy bears (very cute)
    • One piece design
    • Orthodontic and BPA free
    • Easy to clean
    • Sold everywhere
    • No handle
    • Addison wont keep it in her mouth long
    • No cover so it needs to be cleaned often

    These are our experience with pacifiers Addison will not sleep without hers (she usually spits or it falls out once she is asleep and me being a paranoid mom I move it away from her) If you are considering using a pacifier keep in mind that every baby is different some will and some will not accept it. There are many positive and many negatives when it comes to using them but so what works best for you and your child. Sometimes its worth getting that 10 minutes of quiet.

    Sunday, 18 February 2018


    My Daughter is 4 months old and I swear I am still learning the complicated art of 'Adulting'...I realized that pretty much everyone has there own opinions on what is and isn't good for baby, I have found my sibling and friends to be invaluable resource of knowledge and advice when it comes to products, and when I have no idea what I'm doing (most of the time...) my hopes are just that I raise my daughter to be a well adjusted person.
    I am going to share some of the things I've learnt in hopes to help another mom somewhere out there. But be aware I am by no means an expert and these are just my experience and isn't the same for everyone or every child.

    Saturday, 3 June 2017

    The Dog Quilt

    From a young age my grandmother always encouraged me to make things with my hands. I remember getting so excited when Bubbie (This is what I call my grandmother) was going to babysit me and my sister, because it meant that we were going to have craft time.

    My grandmother always had a huge box or scrap fabrics and we were allowed to make what ever our hearts desired with her sewing machine. Sometimes she had a specific pattern for us to use but usually we used our imaginations.

    2 Years ago I asked my Bubbie if she would get me a sewing machine for my birthday as the one my mother had was...well probably double my age and didn't like to work. She got me my own machine and recently I decided I wanted to try to follow in her footsteps and try making a quilt.

    I went to my local craft store and saw a magazine with a really cute quilt on the cover that was Westie dogs on it (I am obsessed with Westies) I decided this is going to be the quilt I make.

    I realized pretty fast that quilting is harder then it seems and even after sitting down with my Bubbie that this pattern was REALLY hard and more complicated than it needed to be. She found this handy chart online for me and I fount it so much easier to follow.

    Image result for quilt westie block pattern
    I cut all my fabric into 2" squares for the dogs and then 10"squares for the boxes between dogs. I assembled my dogs in Vertical rows (I don't think it would have mattered if I did horizontal though) then sewed all the vertical rows together. I then measured it to make sure they were the right dimensions (Did some trimming on uneven edges)

    Then spread all of my squares out to see make sure I liked how it looked and it was the size that I wanted it to be...I quickly learnt that large projects and small puppy's are a difficult combination and My dog wanted to be a part of my project at all times. (He sure is lucky hes cute)


    After I layed it out I then sewed all the squares together Starting horizontally then sewed those strips together and made a border with strips of the same colour.

    Adding the batting and back layer I have to say were easily the hardest part of the whole quilting process.. You need ALOT of space, Lots of extra machine needles (I went through easily 5), Lots of safety pins, and clamps...also alot of patience. I did a lot of research on Pinterest as to how to do this step one of the sites I used was as a guide.

    TIP: Cut your batting and backing much larger then you anticipate, you can always trim but you cant add fabric.


    For the edge of the quilt you can always use bias binding...but at the is point I was a little over confident that I had gotten this far and though 'I can make my own Binding' I cut my fabric into 2" strips, sewed them together so they were a bit longer then the distance around my quilt....then came the Ironing...NOTE: Do not make your own binding if you hate using an Iron or have a tenancy to burn me...First I had to iron the strip folded in half then again in are some helpful links with steps on how to add the border

    Once I finished the border I was done, I sent some photos to my Bubbie and she was so proud of what I was able to make.
    Keep in mind this quilt took me over a month to make. It may sound/look easy...its need to be extremely precise with your measurements. Overall it was fun...but I am not sure I want to attempt another large quilt any time soon...or at least until I have more space. 

    Friday, 2 June 2017

    Guess who's back? Back again

    Ok, so it has been a crazy year for me. I got married, My sister had a son and my sister in law has another little girl...oh and yeah I'M PREGNANT!!! Life is crazy!! but don't think I've forgotten about my crafting. I swear the yarn in my hand is all that is keeping me sane. I am going to try harder to remember to update this blog on my latest creations.